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Proactive Care with Microscopic Decay Detection

Gum disease and tooth decay top the list of common and destructive oral health problems. Everyone struggles with it at some point, whether as a child or adult. When treated quickly, decay can easily be remedied. Untreated decay spreads and threatens your tooth’s health and strength. Some cases of decay even result in infection that threatens the life of your tooth. In cases like this, treatment can’t be provided with a simple filling. Instead, a root canal will be necessary to save it from extraction.

To help patients prevent the need for more serious care, we take a proactive approach to sniffing out decay. While developed cavities can be spotted with a simple visual exam, it’s hard to spot the first signs of decay with just the naked eye. That’s why we rely on digital x-rays, high-powered microscopes, and specialized cavity detection technology to help us find decay at the earliest stages.

How Are Cavities Treated?

If we find anything we need to address during your preventive exam, Dr. Cuomo works with you on a personalized treatment plan to help you address it. Small cavities are easily treated with a simple filling. Larger cavities may be treated with a filling or a custom inlay or onlay. For more serious cases, a crown may be the best option. A crown prevents further damage and restores appearance and strength.

Signs of Decay

The most common sign of decay is toothache. Other signs include bad breath, swelling, inflammation, and white, gray, brown, or black spots on teeth. If you notice any of these, don’t hesitate to notify us.

How Often Should I Visit Dr. Cuomo?

To ensure your smile remains healthy and problem-free, we recommend visiting our office every six months. Our expertise and advanced tools help patients understand their dental needs and provide the essential care necessary for reclaiming good health and wellbeing. If you have questions about the plan we recommend, contact our Boca Raton dental office — we’ll be happy to address your concerns.

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