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Boca Raton's Only Microscope Enhanced Dentist

Did you know on the back of every five-dollar bill, there are 26 states printed on the Lincoln Memorial? Grab a microscope, because they’re invisible to the naked eye. Hidden messages like these are all around us, and it should come as no surprise that they’re in your mouth, too. Dr. Gerard Cuomo reveals these mysteries with microscope enhanced dentistry!

Microscope enhanced dentistry perfects the dental treatments you rely on -- from general dentistry to dazzling cosmetic services -- with extreme magnification. The dental practice replaces those binocular-like glasses you think of the dentist wearing (which are actually called “loupes”) using microscopic vision and fiber-optic light. With a simple turn of the knob, Dr. Cuomo can see your tooth, crown, dental implant, or that budding cavity up to 20 times clearer.

Our care is built around the microscope. When you visit Gerard Cuomo Microscope Enhanced Dentistry for a checkup and cleaning, for example, you will benefit from proactive care with microscopic decay detection. It is easy to see cavities that have already developed -- but catching them right when they form is key to providing the most conservative treatment. By using a combination of digital x-rays, our high-powered microscopes, and specialized cavity-detection technology, Dr. Cuomo can find (and fix!) decay as soon as it forms.

At Gerard Cuomo Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, all of our operatories are equipped with microscopes. From diagnosis to treatment, microscope enhanced dentistry is an integral part of every treatment plan. We are proud to be the only dental practice in Boca Raton that offers this advanced approach, and we invite you to experience the state-of-the-art difference.

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Blending the
Art & Science of Dentistry

Alongside a commitment to precision diagnosis and treatment using microscopic technology, Gerard Cuomo Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is built on a strong foundation for aesthetic appreciation. Dr. Cuomo’s devotion to quality dentistry demonstrates a combination of both art and science, from crafting custom dental crowns and bridges to navigating the intricacies of a full-mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Cuomo understands the importance of using proper materials and the right techniques to achieve optimal resultsin his dental practice -- he is a master ceramist and potter with decades of experience, after all. It is the fusion of these two distinct strengths -- art and science -- that guide his methods in dentistry and offer patients truly unparalleled results.

Gerard Cuomo Microscope Enhanced Dentistry offers a comprehensive list of services, all made better with the precision of microscopic vision. From the checkup and cleaning you and your loved ones rely on each six months to restorative care, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal therapy, dental implants, and more, families and individuals turn to Dr. Cuomo for the up close and personal attention their smiles need.

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Quality Dentistry
the First Time, Every Time

Dr. Cuomo’s unique, state-of-the-art approach to dentistry, excellent qualifications, experience and education uniquely position him to navigate complex cases with an intricate approach. This expertise is why many patients come to our dental practice as a “rescue case,” either on their own, or as a referral from their dentist.

Rescuing mechanically distressed dental implants, for example, requires a microscopic evaluation and specialized instruments. With a high success rate and excellent patient satisfaction in emergency cases, Gerard Cuomo Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is prepared for these and other treatments when you need them most.

Although Dr. Cuomo can correct nearly every oral health complication, it is always better to avoid these situations by seeking a qualified professional from the start. At our office, we practice quality dentistry when it matters most… the first time. Click on one of the icons below to learn more about our featured services and discover what makes us different.

Decay Detection

Giving Back to the Dental Community

As the executive director of the Pre-Dental Mentorship Program at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Cuomo is dedicated to educating tomorrow’s dental professionals in the latest techniques and technology.

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Patient Reviews from Around the Web

“Dr. Cuomo's expertise, gentle and caring manner has been THE most unique experience in my long history of Dentists in Pennsylvania and Florida. His highly trained staff is most comforting. Never thought I could ever be relaxed in a dentist chair. He is one Dr. you can trust to be honest and patient to arrive at the best solutions for your dental health care.”

Gloria M.
Jupiter, FL

"I would like to express my appreciation for the level and quality of care you have provided to me in the restoration and healing of my all on the 4 denture system. It is most gratifying to have the privilege of being ‘restored’ by a doctor who possesses the knowledge, ability and dedication to bring about a result that not only restores components, but also enhances one’s quality of life.”

Vero Beach, FL

"I am extremely pleased with the work Dr. Cuomo has performed. I live in CT and prior to contacting Dr. Cuomo I contacted several specialists in the CT area which most of them, I took the time to visit as well but none of them were able to remove the broken implant screw or even willing to take the time to evaluate and understand, in full detail, what my problem was.”

Boca Raton, FL

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